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    Healthy Smoothie Bowl

    Wholesome Smoothie Bowl

    Stay fit with this fitness smoothie bowl by Freshwey that is both filling and nutritious. Composed of 100% raw ingredients such as oats, granola, muesli, strawberry,...

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    Healthy Smoothie Bowl

    Berry-full Healthy Grain Smoothie Bowl

    Try out our weight management smoothie bowl that is not only filling but nutritious too. It is rich in dietary fibres, proteins, and vitamins, specifically introduced...

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    Healthy Smoothie Bowl

    Kale Me Healthy Smoothie Bowl

    Get healthy and glowing skin with this Kale Me Healthy bowl by Freshwey. Try out our cleansing & detoxifying smoothie bowl that is both filling and...

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    Healthy Smoothies Bowl

    Probiotic Healthy Grain Smoothie Bowl

    Get a charge on your gut health with the Probiotic Healthy Grain bowl by Freshwey.  Composed of a unique combination of 100% raw ingredients like Pomegranate,...

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Collection: Smoothie Bowls

We believe organic & natural products are a necessity, not a luxury. Therefore, to serve you with a perfect blend of nutrition & good health, we are ready with our wide range of healthy & delicious smoothies bowls.

Our smoothie bowls are made up of a unique combination of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, spices and butter, cocoa and honey. Although our smoothie bowls are nutritious and delicious, still you can enhance the flavours according to your taste buds with our range of add-ins. 

Right now, we are offering smoothie bowls for fitness, weight management, cleansing & detoxing and improving gut health. 

We chose the finest, premium-quality, natural & fresh-batch raw ingredients and integrated them to prepare nutritious smoothies bowls. Our smoothies bowls will help you accomplish your health goals by satisfying your taste buds with absolute scrumptious flavours.

The best thing about us? We only serve healthy, fresh-batched and nutritious smoothie bowls free from additives and preservatives.

The menu is curated perfectly for those looking to eat better and more balanced meals. 

Why Freshwey for Smoothie-bowls?

  • 100% organic and additive-free
  • 100% fresh and batched
  • 100% tasty and nutritious
  • Curated by chefs and advised by Nutritionists & dietitians
  • Preservatives Free
  • Unprocessed 
  • 72 hours of shelf life
  • Balanced with naturally occurring sugars
  • Full ingredients disclosure
  • Bio-compostable packaging

Categories of Freshwey’s Smoothie-Bowls

Berry-Full Healthy Grain Smoothie Bowl Health Goal- Weight Management

Probiotic Healthy Grain Smoothie BowlHealth Goal- Gut Health

Kale Me Healthy Smoothie BowlHealth Goal- Cleanse & Detox

Wholesome Smoothie BowlHealth Goal- Fitness

Benefits of Freshwey’s Smoothies-bowls

  • Easy to digest
  • Loaded with nutrients
  • Refreshing taste
  • Great consistency

Frequently Asked Questions-

Is a smoothie bowl different from a regular smoothie?

Yes, smoothie bowls are different from smoothies. A smoothie is a thick creamy beverage made by pureeing fruits & vegetables in a blender, and it has a liquid base made with fruit juice, vegetable juice or dairy products. It is a beverage item and typically does not have toppings.

Smoothie bowls have a thicker consistency than regular smoothies and contain unblended fruit toppings. It is like a meal not meant to be gulped like regular smoothies. 


Are smoothies bowls good for your health?

Yes, smoothie bowls deliver various health benefits to your body, and it generally contains lots of fruits, vegetables and fibers that are helpful for the overall development of a body. Also, it includes whole fruit toppings that help fulfill your body’s nutrition requirements.

Why Freshwey for smoothie bowls?

Freshwey offers a range of gluten-free, diet-friendly, organic certified, plastic-free packaging, and customizable premium quality products made from 100% raw ingredients and suitable for your health.

In how many hours do I need to consume Freshwey’s healthy smoothie bowls?

Although the shelf life of our smoothie bowls is 72 hours, we still suggest you consume our products as soon as possible to benefit from all the essential nutrients.

How will I know the nutritional value of my smoothie bowls?

We have mentioned the nutritional value of all the smoothie bowls ingredients to get all the information from the product page. 

From where I can order Freshwey’s smoothie bowls?

To enjoy our healthy and delicious smoothie bowls, you can visit our store in your respective city. Along with it, you can order our products online from swiggy and zomato as of now.